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by Jussi Simolin on May 31, 2017

Product Update: What We've Been Up to This Spring?

We are continuously developing Innoduel. First of all I would like to thank you all for your feedback about the application! Without it we couldn't survive and improve. Some of your feedback is related to smaller issue that we have implemented right away and some of it will become reality via our future roadmap. 

Please, continue to use this Innoduel arena to co-create development needs.

Since the last technical update we have been working hard to improve Innoduel to make it a better tool for you. Below is the list of features and fixes we have made. (To make it easier for you to read, I start with the coolest features ;)

  • Sharing the real-time results of any arena is now easier than ever!
    • The arena report can be shared with a link from “Report page”. Nothing boosts people's motivation to co-create like seeing the live results.
  • If you have a great arena you can re-use it by copying it!
    • When you press “copy” while mouse-overing an arena icon in your admin portal a 100% copy of the original arena is made. The only differences are the name where you can see word “copy” and the www-link of the arena.  This helps you to be more efficient and “productise” your services.
  • Easy as ABC...
    • Arenas are arranged in alphabetical order in admin portal based on the Arena name.
  • Voting screen is now supported by Internet Explorer 11.
  • Smaller fixes we have implemented:
    • Issues with auto text inserting has been fixed.
    • Sometimes activating the admin portal at beta.innoduel.com has required double “enter” press or F5 to refresh. 
    • When you create an arena without any preliminary answers there is a notification that it might be confusing to 1st time Innoduel voting users. (Arena without preliminary answers is used typically when you are able to facilitate and instruct the voting app users to 1st post their own ideas and then proceed to voting.)
    • “Arena saved” indication added in Arena Wizard while creating a new or editing an arena. 
    • It is now easier to upgrade your plan from new “Upgrade” menu.
    • “Add answers” screen has now also the arena question presented.
    • In Advanced settings selection the only login method available is “no login required”.
    • A whole bunch of minor improvements in texts, user interface and some flows.
    • Improvements in PREVIEW mode.
      • Remember not to send PREVIEW link to your target audience as their votes will not generate any result.


In addition to these we are working on many new cool things. We'll inform you about them once they are completed. In the mean time if you have any more questions give us a shout via chat or contact form!


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Jussi Simolin

Jussi is the Co-Founder of Innoduel and works for a greater meaning. His eyes sparkle when he talks to customers that Innoduel helps. For Jussi, Innoduel is about being inspired, happy and pushing the boundaries with learning by doing. Jussi’s goal is to develop Innoduel into the smartest leadership tool with great human touch.