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Innoduel Blog

Why Poor Employee Engagement Will Kill Your Business

by Sami Akseli

“Happy, happy employees are the key to business success!” Uh, I know, right? Feels like there’s been more than enough of the one-sided discussion around employee happiness and job satisfaction? Feels like everyone has bought into the hype, blasting how important it is to make sure your employees are happy and engaged? When did work become all about fun?

What is the worst leadership experience you have ever had?

by Sami Akseli

It is ok to admit it. We’ve all been there, at least almost all of us. And the longer you’ve been in the game the greater the changes that you’ve been there more than once. It’s a pain to work under a bad management. But what is it that separates the bad boss from an average or a good one?

Product Update: What We've Been Up to This Spring?

by Jussi Simolin

We are continuously developing Innoduel. First of all I would like to thank you all for your feedback about the application! Without it we couldn't survive and improve. Some of your feedback is related to smaller issue that we have implemented right away and some of it will become reality via our future roadmap. 

3 Things that Make Company a Great Place to Work

by Jussi Simolin

Many minds can amplify creativity and create something much more diverse than just one. A co-created view of any topic helps people to commit to shared decisions and goals and work with better motivation. 

5 Reasons to Stop Using Sticky Notes in Workshops

by Jussi Simolin

How many times have you been in a brainstorming workshop where the time is spent in never-ending sticky notes exercises? I’ve lost the count.

Infographic: The Bad Leader's Manifesto

by Sami Akseli
I recently wrote a post about
6 bad leadership habits that you need to stop doing immediately. The article generated a lot of discussion online about what makes a bad leader bad, a good leader good, or even if there is such a thing as 'bad leadership'.

Agile strategy implementation – what other purple unicorns you’ve got?

by Sami Akseli

No matter how badly we'd all like it to exist, we know it's a unicorn, and a purple one, I might add. Agile strategy implementation... no such thing. We've all probably learned this during the course of our careers, in any industry, that the strategy process is always painful and exhausting, no exception there.

6 Leadership Habits You Need To Stop Doing Immediately

by Sami Akseli

When it comes to leadership we are always being told what we should do; be passionate, be proactive, be positive! And that’s all well and good, but what about those bad habits nobody talks about...

It’s almost become taboo to mention anything negative in the field of leadership, so we decided to flip things around and list some things you should NOT be doing in order to become a better leader.

How to make yourself redundant as a leader?

by Jussi Simolin

“I can take a month off from work without anything stopping!”

4 Steps to Scalable Leadership - ebook published

by Nuutti Matintupa

Why do businesses fail? Probably for as many reasons as there are businesses, but the most common cause of failure is not a bad product. Nor is it unqualified staff, even though most of us would agree that it's not always easy to find the right people.