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Innoduel Blog

7 Amazing Employee Engagement Examples

by Sami Akseli

I earlier wrote about how poor employee engagement has the power to kill your business, but implementing truly effective initiatives and programs is easier said than done. Happy employees are the key to business success and having a team of people who feel truly valued will in turn lead to colleagues who will work hard, deliver results, and bring in new ideas to help grow your business and stay in the company.

5+1 Engaging Questions for Co-creation

by Jussi Simolin

In the Nordics we are done with summer vacays. So we are ready for the adventures that fall will bring, before the winter comes.

Poor Employee Engagement Is The Leader’s Fault – 5 Steps To Fix It

by Sami Akseli

Poor employee engagement has the power to kill your business but you can take action to fight that power. Is there an easy way to boost employee engagement?

From Fail Fast to Fail Analytically

by Nuutti Matintupa

It’s fashionable to fail fast and why not! Better lose some money and time immediately rather than completely screw up later. However, failing all the time does not help you succeed any more than giving 200 boring speeches makes you an interesting presenter.

Are you now leading the meetings you used to skip?

by Nuutti Matintupa

If you are a leader, the chances are you like being in control. Do you remember the time, when you were not a leader? Did your boss happened to love being in control as well? Maybe you have spent your time in never ending sales meeting concentrating on meaningless details about next month’s targets or yawned in an internal process training not knowing the purpose of it.

Did You Say Strategy Implemented Successfully?

by Jussi Simolin

During my years at big corporations I participated and contributed in several strategy preparations. In the process of making there was typically a “head of strategy” leading the strategy work and it took months to finalise.  Once the slide set was ready it was barely explained to the leadership team and team leaders who were supposed to implement the strategy. The small preparation team ran out of steam and the company continued as before.

4 Types of Answers Making You a Bad Leader

by Nuutti Matintupa

Effective leadership is all about communication. It is about supporting your staff by answering the right questions in the right way. Better communication is the way to improved employee engagement and better profitability. More communication is not always better communication. There are certain kind of answers you should not give or you risk reducing employee engagement. Here’s a list of four types of answers that make you a bad leader.

Why Poor Employee Engagement Will Kill Your Business

by Sami Akseli

“Happy, happy employees are the key to business success!” Uh, I know, right? Feels like there’s been more than enough of the one-sided discussion around employee happiness and job satisfaction? Feels like everyone has bought into the hype, blasting how important it is to make sure your employees are happy and engaged? When did work become all about fun?

What is the worst leadership experience you have ever had?

by Sami Akseli

It is ok to admit it. We’ve all been there, at least almost all of us. And the longer you’ve been in the game the greater the changes that you’ve been there more than once. It’s a pain to work under a bad management. But what is it that separates the bad boss from an average or a good one?

Product Update: What We've Been Up to This Spring?

by Jussi Simolin

We are continuously developing Innoduel. First of all I would like to thank you all for your feedback about the application! Without it we couldn't survive and improve. Some of your feedback is related to smaller issue that we have implemented right away and some of it will become reality via our future roadmap.