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Innoduel Blog

3 Productivity Hacks for Running Radically Shorter Workshops

by Nuutti Matintupa

You know that workshop where John talks non-stop while Linda from marketing keeps scrolling through Instagram, and Mark from analytics chews gum aggressively in the back of the room?

How to Increase the Efficiency of Live Workshops with Innoduel

by Nuutti Matintupa

Face-to-face interactions like meetings and workshops can be really valuable. In this post, we’ll walk you through a real-life case, where Innoduel was used to speed up ideation and discussion during a live workshop, saving up to 10 hours of the participants’ time.

How to Improve Customer Experience with Innoduel

by Nuutti Matintupa

Customer experience has truly become everybody’s business. In this post, we’ll share a real-life case, in which a consultant used Innoduel to get an entire company working together on the common goal of improving customer experience.

17 Little Habits That'll Actually Make You a Better Boss

by Nuutti Matintupa

A lot supervisors and managers have no formal training in leadership.

And to be completely honest, a lot of times it shows.

However, being a decent boss requires no rocket science, brain surgery or sorcery. In fact, all you need to do is develop these 17 little habits.

25 Reasons Why Your Best Employees Quit

by Nuutti Matintupa

We’ve heard it a thousand times before.

"People don’t leave jobs, they leave managers."

I’m sure you can recall that one manager from your past who you just couldn’t stand.

And no amount of perks, extra vacation or even salary would be able to compensate that demoralising feeling of having to show up at the office each day.

To Lead is to Co-create

by Nuutti Matintupa

People are the number one resource in every company. Very specific and rare skills are becoming more and more important, leading to an amplified need for multidisciplinary and ever-developing teams that can efficiently address a multitude of needs. For a leader, oiling this machine is the number one priority.

Dear HR Director, It’s Time To End Your Annual Employee Survey Once And For All

by Nuutti Matintupa

The results are in and companies with a more engaged workforce have nearly doubled their odds of success compared to those with an actively disengaged workforce.

Employee Engagement In The Enterprise: An Interview with Hanna Vuorikoski, HR Director at Sanoma Media Finland

by Nuutti Matintupa

Hanna Vuorikoski knows what it takes to succeed when it comes to employee engagement. As HR Director at Sanoma Media Finland, a media company whose brands reach 97% of Finns every week, Hanna is driven to create a culture that champions the employee, all 1800 of them, at a company that generates close to 600M€ in net sales. Prior to working at Sanoma, Hanna was HR Director at Nordcloud, the fastest growing technology company in Finland, and spent over 10 years working in multiple HR roles at Accenture across the Nordics.

According to Hanna, success starts by putting the employee at the heart of your strategy, so we caught up with her to hear more of her thoughts on all things employee engagement in the enterprise.

What will make you a great leader that drives both business results and employee engagement?

by Jussi Simolin

Harvard Business review published (June 2017) an article  from  Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman where the examination of 360-degree assessment data from more than 60,000 leaders showed that only 13% of the them can both drive business results and create an engaged, fun-to-work team. By further deep-diving into the data set they found that six behaviours were common to these high performers:

The Biggest Leadership Mistakes

by Sami Akseli

Following our hugely popular blog about bad leadership habits we co-created the list of the biggest leadership mistakes people have experienced. We ran a co-creation arena to figure this out and our participants identified more than 60 different leadership mistakes they have experienced. Out of those sixty the six worst ones are uncovered in this blog.